What Does a Cyber Liability Policy Cover?


Almost all companies use technology to do business and therefore, they are exposed to cyber risks. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the threats we face are also increasing and that’s every organization needs to be equipped with cyber liability insurance and an effective cyber security plan to mitigate and manage cyber risk.

Cyber liability insurance covers the liability resulting from the unauthorized access or misuse of software stored or electronic data used by your company. It covers the spreading of viruses and data theft. It is essential to understand that it covers error or omission associated with data, negligence and software uses also. For instance, if one of your employees accidentally sends personal information of a customer to another customer’s email accidentally, the policy covers the error. Looking to purchase cyber liability insurance?


The main features

The primary item covered by cyber-liability insurance is the protection of data in the network. It protects you when a customer or a member of the public suffers damage or loss because they are unable to protect sensitive information stored on their network. The problem usually occurs due to data theft and leaks. The policy is used to cater for your liability in the event of a data breaching, or clients are unable to get the data to which they are entitled.


Electronic media cover is one of the latest additions to cyber liability insurance. This applies in the event of defamation, invasion, and breach of confidentiality, slander, or copyright infringement as a result of the publication of electronic data on the Internet. Typically, all types of websites are covered, including social media.


In general, cyber liability insurance is beneficial to all companies that maintain and use electronic databases and software that use private data. The available policies can be strongly adapted to the requirements of the respective company. Whether you have a large business, an online store or a small bike shop, you can find the insurance coverage that matches your budget and needs.


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