Is it expensive to stay in Perth for one week?


Is it expensive where to stay in Perth for a week? It would depend on your preferences for food, accommodation, transportation, and what you are going to do there. For transportation, it would be wise to avoid riding a taxi at all costs. It would be better to ride a train as that will get to you to your destination faster and cheaper. As for food, it would be better to avoid eating at high-end restaurants as the prices there will be unbelievably high. It would be better to go for street food or you can cook the food yourself. As for tours in Perth, it would be better to do it yourself instead of joining a tour group. You won’t believe the amount of money you will save for a DIY tour. There are a lot of things you can see there but you must decide the best ones with the amount of time that you have on your hands.


The accommodation will play a huge part in your expenses. It would be wise to avoid staying at five-star hotels no matter how good they look. Besides, you won’t be spending too much time there anyway so there is no point staying there. It would be better to stay at low-budget accommodations like motels or hostels. You may even meet other budget travelers. There are some necessities that you will need to spend on including water. Good thing, a water bottle will cost around one dollar and you can even refill it in your accommodation. As for entertainment, that would depend on the people you are with. It is definitely important to assign a budget for your trip so you won’t spend on unnecessary stuff. The good news is you are expected to spend less in Perth compared to other cities in Australia.

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