There are lots of ways for you to get involved in JULeye to help raise awareness and funds for eye health research

CREATE YOUR OWN T-SHIRT with your own ‘eye’ statement and wear your support for JULeye. A portion of proceeds from each t-shirt sale will go towards our eye health research projects. Send us a photo of you in your t-shirt to be featured on My JULeye!


HOST A JULEYE EVENT OF YOUR OWN – small or large – for any occasion in JULeye to raise funds for eye health research. What about Christmas in JULeye? Simply email


SELL MERCHANDISE in your business, practice or school by signing up for a JULeye merchandise kit. Visit JULeye SHOP now


GIVE A DAY IN JULeye by donating the proceeds of a procedure or sales from your business for one day in July. Simply email for your donation form


GET YOUR EYES TESTED this JULeye as 75% of eye disease is preventable if detected early enough through eye tests. Find your local Eye Care Specialist


TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY about JULeye and help spread the word about the importance of eye health for all Australians. If you would like a representative to come and speak at your school, business or event in JULeye please contact The Eye Foundation


MAKE A DONATION towards eye health research or simply buy a tattoo, crystal lapel pin, bookmark or pen to badge your support for JULeye

Tell us your story about how you get involved in JULeye. If you would like to send a message or photograph or share your story about eye health, please contact The Eye Foundation

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