Are Chiropractors Real Doctors


This question has been debated for years and years; are chiropractors real doctors? Do you think they are? It does not help that the founder of Chiropractic was a little bit of a loony, believing that by adjusting the spine it cured the deafness, of a deaf man. This claim is impossible especially now with all the advancements in medicine and technology. Let’s be clear here, your back has no direct correlation to the hearing nerves.


Now as someone who loves to crack his back, his knuckles and other parts of his body. I personally know that a good crack definitely helps loosen you up but you must realize that if done improperly can result in spinal cord damage and paralysis.


Have Chiropractors Studied Medicine?

Yes, most croydon chiropractors have an undergraduate degree in pre-med which means they went through four years of studying and understanding general anatomy, spinal anatomy, pathology, integrated chiropractic, clinical orthopedics, biochemistry, pediatrics, and more; but they are not yet considered to be doctors, as they have not gone to medical school.


Think of it this way, just because you know how to fight, you have trained for years as a boxer, sparred a little bit and maybe win a few amateur fights that all of a sudden you are going to challenge a professional heavyweight boxer. A professional is on a whole different level than an amateur. It does not mean that they do not know what they are doing, they are just, not as experienced and knowledgeable.


It is advised that if you are having back issues, and a simple stretch doesn’t help, that you go to a general physician first. He/she will most probably refer you to a Physical Therapist which is a real doctor. A physical therapist is the upgraded version of a chiropractor, they do a lot more than just your typical, chiropractic spinal adjustments.


Really this question boils down to whether you are comfortable seeing someone who is an upgraded version of a masseuse/masseur or would you rather see a medical professional?

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